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  Inhibited mixture of hydrochloric and hydrofluoric acids

  Calcium chloride, liquid

  (Inhibited hydrochloric acid

  Hydrofluoric acid 45%

  Hydrofluoric acid UP 27-5

  Calcium chloride, granulated

  Hydrochloric acid from off-gases

  Fluoboric acid

  Hydrofluoric acid 70%,



  Mixture of hydrofluoric and hydrochloric acids


  Flouride Salts

Hydrofluoric acid 70%,

Our company offers:

Hydrofluoric acid (fluoric acid) 70%, pure, concentrated (ТC 6-09-2622-88): 

Term "fluoric acid" comes from fluorite (fluorspar, which is used for production of hydrogen fluoride.


1. Polyethylene canisters (37 kg) either in 1-spot wooden furring (575/390/390) or in 16-spot cases (1250/110/730).

Transportation: Covered railway cars with minimum load of 5.328 t and maximum permissible load of 19,536 t.

2. Polyethylene barrels (250 kg) in 2-spot wooden case.

Transportation: Covered railway cars with minimum load of 5 t and maximum permissible load of 17 t.

Physical and chemical properties:

Form (appearance) and properties: colourless and clear fluid with strong odor, smoking in the air.

Density - 1, 258. Boiling point - +65,80С. Freezing point - +750С. Water solubility at 200С.




Mass fraction of acid (HF), %, min


Mass fraction of residue after calcination (sulpahtes), %, max


Mass fraction of silica (SiO2), %, max


Mass fraction of sulpahtes (SO4), %, max


Mass fraction of chlorides (CL), %, max


Mass fraction of iron (Fe), %, max


Hazard Class: 2. Accident card 801. Extremely corrosive.

UN serial number - 1790. FEC code 28 11 00 00 00

Usage: glass making industry for etching and chemical polishing glass and crystal glass work, ferrous and nonferrous metallurgy.

Transportation: Covered railway cars or motor transport.

Storage: roofed and dry warehouses.

Shelf life: 3 years.

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